Gold Cups

Illinois Federation of Music Clubs, IFMC Gold Cup Award and Ceremony

Gold_Cup_1852W[1]In recognition of each student’s participation and achievement, an additional incentive is offered to every student participating in the NFMC Festivals Program.  This is a Gold Cup.  The following is an explanation of how to earn a Gold Cup:

  1. For each performance at Festival a student receives a score of superior, excellent, very good, etc. These scores translate into points. A superior is 5 points, an excellent is 4 points, etc.
  2.  A Gold Cup is given to a student after 15 points have been earned.  This is the 1st Gold Cup.
  3. Subsequent Gold Cups are given when an additional fifteen points are earned.  There is a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gold Cup with a Grand Cup being earned after 75 points and a President’s Cup being earned after achieving a total of 90 points.
  4. Any participant entering an event in the Festival is eligible to enter the Festival Cup Award Plan.  This also includes the Junior Composers Contest.  Gold Cup points are earned only within the Junior Division (up to age 19).
  5. Silver Cup points are earned only within the Adult Division (age 19 and above).

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